permit per‧mit [ˈpɜːmɪt ǁ ˈpɜːr-] noun [countable]
LAW an official document stating that someone is allowed to do something:

• The government would issue permits for fishing.

permit to do something

• The company requested a permit to operate a hazardous-waste treatment plant.

ˈbuilding ˌpermit also conˈstruction ˌpermit LAW PROPERTY
an official document that allows someone to build on a piece of land:

• McDonald's applied for a building permit for a new franchise restaurant.

an official document that you need to export certain types of goods; = EXPORT LICENCE
an official document that you need to import certain types of goods; = IMPORT LICENCE
ˈresidence ˌpermit LAW
an official document that allows someone to live in another country:

• Immigrants had to live in Denmark for five years before their spouses (= husbands or wives ) could acquire a residence permit.

ˈwork ˌpermit LAW
an official document that allows someone to work in another country, usually for a specific length of time:

• He is only in Britain for three months on a work permit, and fears being deported afterwards.

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permit UK US /ˈpɜːmɪt/ noun [C]
an official document that allows you to do something or go somewhere: grant/apply for/issue a permit »

The agency declined to issue a permit.

permit for sth »

The permit for exploratory drilling is good for 30 days.

permit to do sth »

Retailers need a permit to sell fireworks.

See also BUILDING PERMIT(Cf. ↑building permit), CONSTRUCTION PERMIT(Cf. ↑construction permit), EXPORT PERMIT(Cf. ↑export permit), IMPORT PERMIT(Cf. ↑import permit), RESIDENCE PERMIT(Cf. ↑residence permit), WORK PERMIT(Cf. ↑work permit)
permit UK US /pəˈmɪt/ verb (-tt-)
[T] to allow something: »

It is entirely at the carriers' discretion to permit a factory to load features into the newest phones.


U.S. officials were not permitted to interview him.

[I or T] to make something possible: »

Finally, the reports would permit the Commission to make information available to the public.

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